Career Guidance Cell

The College has dynamic body functioning to provide whole some development to the student. The Principal and all faculty members extend their whole hearted support to the functioning of the unit. The Career Guidance cell operates year around to facilitate the students. Students are adequately trained in preparing resumes, handling group discussions and attending personal interviews.

This facilitates in choosing out a right career path and equipping them for an effective job search. The College has State-of-the-art facilities for conducting seminars and workshops.

Activities of the Career Guidance Cell:

1. Training Activities

Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the prospective students for their futuristic vision.

2. Aptitude tests and Group Discussions

Aptitude tests and group discussions are conducted at regular intervals to enable the students to improve their performance in competitive exams.

The cell is sensitized to function throughout the year towards generating placement and training opportunities for the students.

3. Announcements

Announcements of job opportunities and avenues for higher education are made through intercom during assembly at regular intervals and through notice boards.

4. Personality Development Programs

5. Soft skill training programs